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Collage Nuno Felt Scarf Participants have fun piecing together various silk remnants with merino wool, and wet felting them into a new art statement accessory. You will learn various surface designations such as grids, silk fibers and creative fringes. This is a one day class.

Textural Sampler Series is an adventure in textural nuno felt techniques-- from simulated animal skins to roses and ruffles, we will entrap beads, learn mosaics and create raised shapes. Participants will come away with six 10" x 10" samplers, printed instructions and skills to use in creating unique felted accessories and garments. Many examples will be shared. This is a one-day class.

The Circular Vest is the most versatile vest I make. It can be worn at least 4 ways (see retail page for video). Participants create a vest in the colors of their choice. This is a one day class.

3-D Nuno Felt Vest

Learn about garment construction and using a resist pattern. Some prior Nuno felt experience recommended. This is a 2-day workshop.


Demystifying Resists Participants learn how to use open, closed and layered resists while creating five mini 3-D projects. Learn felted seams, including a discussion on pattern making. This is a one-day class.

Stained Glass Shawl

If you enjoy puzzles, you will love this class. Participants cut up rainbow dyed silk gauze, then piece it together using a mosaic Nuno felt technique. Two color ways to choose from..colorful or neutrals. This is a one-day class.

Stained Glass Tunic

Taking this method to a new level by adding resist pattern making. Participants will take home a pattern in their size, along with a tunic that fits. This is a 2-day workshop.


The Magic of Pre-felt

Participants learn 6 different ways to use pre-felt when designing felt projects, including some textural Shibori techniques. Makers come away with a set of samplers using various techniques. This is a one day class.


Nuno Felt Art Vest is the perfect follow up to the sampler series. Textural, whimsy, or classy--it's up to you, the designer. This is also a great project for beginners to transition from scarves and shawls to felted clothing. Created flat, this is a one day class in person. It does require a large work surface (two 6' tables put together). 

Mosaic Nuno Felt Coat

The holy grail of my workshops, participants learn coat pattern making, seamless garment creation and finishing techniques. This is a 3-day workshop.

image2 2.jpeg

Trellis Shawl is a beginner project that turns out lovely because the silk and roving are hand-painted to match beautifully. This is a half-day class.

Art Dolls are therapeutic to make and really fun! Bring an art doll to life in this one day workshop. Participants learn to sculpt a doll head with a felting needle, paint watercolor "makeup," and finish by dressing and adorning your Art Doll on a stick.

Textural Hat Making

Choose from several different styles of hat and various colors of wool. Decorate your art hat with textural fabrics, yarns and silk fibers.  This is a one day class.

_DSC6521 copy.jpg

Gypsy Vest

The perfect transition from making scarves and shawls into clothing. This design is created flat, on a long table. This is a one day class.


Felt a Basket or Vessel 

This is a beginner's class where you will learn how to create a round felted basket or vessel using merino wool. Participants will lay out wool layers; use a closed resist; heal a cut edge; and learn how to shape a vessel.  

image1 2.jpeg

Fingerless Gloves, aka texting gloves. Each participant comes away with a pair of gloves that fit them, of their own design. This is a half-day class.

image2 2_edited.jpg

Felted Flowers brighten up anyone's day. They can be created with stems, or as pins (shown).  Many colors for participants to play with.  This is a half-day class.

Journal Covers.jpg

Felt a Journal or Book Cover. Learn how to use a resist and create a one-of-a-kind art statement. We will decorate inside and out, and make felt cording to fasten it closed. Students will come away with a finished cover, sans the button for closure. This is a one day class.

Leaf Scarf Closeup.jpg

Leaf Boa or Scarf is as much fun to wear as it is to make. Assorted colors available to create this one-of-a-kind wearable art statement piece. This is a one day class.

Nuno Felting with Upcycled Fabrics  Who doesn't like finding treasures in the thrift store? In this class I  share many felted samples of a variety of fabrics and how they act when subjected to the felting process. I'll share my secrets of what to look for, including some surprises. Students will create a sampler mosaic scarf using various fabrics shared from my stash.This is a one day class.

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